Sunday, 14 October 2012


The DJ INDEX breached support last week, so lets look at the charts, short term to long term.
 The DJ INDEX breached support last week but notice that next week we should see The DJ INDEX go up a bit as a retest.
 Possible support and resistance on The DJ INDEX daily chart.
 The Stochastics Momentum indicator is now below the 70 scale. The DJ INDEX hasn't breached longer term support.
 The DJ INDEX chart above is a 100 year chart and the price is up against massive resistance.
The DJ INDEX chart above is just a possibility (remote possibility in my view) but still interesting. Just imagine if The DJ INDEX went to 50, 000 in 2017...WOW...400% increase, pretty serious inflation. The DJ INDEX is at a pivital point right now...but in my view...the markets worldwide are going to go down. How fast they go down will indicate were we are heading in the next couple of years. 


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