Friday, 2 December 2011

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Good morning everyone!
Wow what a fantastic day, everyday is a great day. 
   To start off with, things are getting clearer now as time moves forward. For the longest time I have had a major pivot point in place, according to my model, for around the 25th of Jan. 2012. My model gives me points in time from a complex algorithm "that I designed" and am sharing with you, because I can. Anyway I am not going to ramble on, depending what happens today, and the morning futures support this, we should see a breakout today, bringing us to a target of 834 on the Russell 2000 just after the long weekend in January. If this happens this move up will set the market up for the greatest shorting opportunity you will find in our lifetime, my life time anyway.  So depending on how the morning sets up and the afternoon I will slowly start picking away at this market to the long side. REMEMBER, THE DIRECTION OF THE OVERALL MARKET, LONG TERM, IS DOWN! , TRADE ACCORDINGLY.

Happy Trading,

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