Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Russell 2000 bouncing off of support, BARELY

Not much to say, I didn't get shaken out of my position with TNA. I use mental stops instead of using the auto on the computer, I was pretty nervous though for those 2 bounces, I might regret that in the future but the next pivot  point is the 3rd week in January, however that pivot point could be a break down. Will have to see.

This could be my last post for a week. I am going to be in the Caribbean. If I get an hour and some WIFI I will write a post. And for the record, so that I don't lose my shirt my stop will be on auto and will be 46.00. Hmm that would be a hell of hit.

A comment for the reader about the uranium stock pick. I believe in the "All One Market Theory" everything goes up at the same time and everything goes down at the same time, however, you do have the long cycles that don't really apply to that. If you look at charts you can see that when the market takes a hit everything takes a hit. When the market is going up everything is going up, it's just that some sectors go up and down faster than others but the trend is there.

I will look into the uranium sector because I am curious too. I want to set myself up should the market go one way or the other.

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  1. Thanks for the insite and waiting for more helpful charts and comments. Cameco up 27% for 2012