Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Trading Forecast

Trading Forecast The next trend change should take place March 15th. Even though there is trend change slated for this date my trading forecast model indicates it will be short lived. I am suspecting lots of volatility this year, investors are going to be so mixed up they're not going to know what to do, one day to the next. This is just a hunch about the volatility, my trading forecast model only indicates trend changes in the financial markets as money moves from one play to another.
The next MAJOR trend change is slated for September 27, 2012. In September we should see maximum pessimism, maximum optimism, or just plain old frustration because the market did nothing . Based on the the direction of larger degree, probability indicates the market should be lower, were, I don't know. I just know when the trend change occurs, and that is 99% of the battle.

 This morning I bought some TZA the Russell 2000 derivitive 3x ETF at 22.20

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