Monday, 27 February 2012

Pivot Points...Swing Trading...For March

The Economic Cycle Research Institute is the "world's leading authority on business cycles" whose "state-of-the-art analytical framework is unmatched in its ability to forecast cycle turning points. WATCH IT

 The chart above shows you the possible flag in  formation with the Exchange Traded Fund TZA.If the flag fulfils itself,  that means the market could take a short term drop early in the morning. If the flag fails look for a potential nice week on the markets till March 5th or so, the next pivot point. I should add that the March 5th, March 15th to 21, pivot points might not be the big pivot points I would like to see. According to my Swing Trading Forecast Model the big pivot point around the corner seems to be around April 9th. We'll have to see what the patterns are like around those dates. It is quite probable that the Russell 2000 could pop till April 9th. If that happens look for a nice drop after the pop.
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