Monday, 22 August 2016

Commitment and Focus

Listening to the Olympiads comment on how they got to where they are, one theme comes up over and over again... commitment and Focus.

For anyone wanting:
·         To get to the top.
·         To get a gold medal.
·         The prized certificate.
·         Financial independence.
·         To acquire the finer things in life.
·         The need to be the best.
·         Anything, the list goes on and on...

... have one single thing in common - commitment and focus

Continuous training and your circle of friends will indicate your future. Hanging around like minded people will leverage your ideals and ideas, shape yourself worth and hence dictate your future.

Life is a process not a journey and huge sacrifices have to made to fulfil your dreams. If you dream about hanging out in your mom and dad's basement playing video games forever... this isn't for you. If you have a dream to have the finer things in life, independence, and self worth... this is for you.

Overall it's pretty simple actually, all you need are the 3 points below, then expand.

1.       Personal Development is about taking the time and, making the commitment to know who you are. You're not going to win if you're chasing someone else's dreams. You need to know who you are first to so that you can focus on your objectives (goal), leading you in the right direction. This leads you to be more motivated with the ability to concur the bad times. Put your goals on paper, have them readily handy, look at them every day, have them in order from daily - weekly - monthly  - yearly and then update accordingly. A really good example of this is Elon Musk's master plan - August, 2006. There are tons of examples on the internet but cater it to yourself.

2.       A mentor is anyone who is more experienced in the field of interest than you are and preferably the best in the field, period. A mentor's job is to work with you and teach how to do things right and bypass the mistakes they've made. When I was young had multiple opportunities to have a mentor and through the ignorance of youth I bypassed it. When I look back, they were the worst mistakes of my life. I could have eliminated years of trial and error and narrowed it down to a few months or short number of years.

3.       A coach is someone who puts you back on track when you go off track. The coach should be able enhance the skills you already have and make you think outside the box, make you think about different approaches to achieve your goals. Paul Tudor Jones is a legend in trading but one time he was going through a rough time, nothing was working. He reached for the personal coaching of Tony Robbins to put him back on track. Everyone needs a coach from time to time.  

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