Monday, 8 August 2016

What's Wrong With The World And Why Steemit Is Going To Make It Right

I first heard about Steemit on the Dollar Vigilante and when I found out that there was a social media site based on a blockchain it caught my attention. The last time I got this feeling was:
  • In the mid 1990's when I was reading about Yahoo and Googl
  • When I started listening to Ray Kurzweil about the Singularity and the coming biotech revolution
  • Then there was Bicoin back in 2013

Your probably saying to yourself, wow this guys rich. Well, I'm not, for simple reason I never listened to my gut. I passed up a lot of things in the beginning only to join in with the herd, and the herd is always wrong.
I don't understand how the blockchain works and I don't really care to, all I know is, the blockchain technology is the next big thing when it comes to information and information is the most powerful weapon in the world. Examples of this are:
·         When Nathan Mayer Rothschild had early knowledge of victory at the Battle of Waterloo to speculate on the stock exchange and make a vast fortune.
·         Twitter Permanently Suspending Conservative Writer Milo Yiannopoulos because of the fact that media is censored if you happen to  speak out against totalitarianism
·         The main stream media is bought by the government and the propaganda is so blatant it's sickening, however, there are still many people who can't see through all of BS, but it's slowly changing.

Getting to the blockchain and why it's a big deal. Nobody owns it, it's open source and because the information isn't on someone's single server, the information is there forever and everywhere. Blockchain technology is basically free compared to the transaction costs of everything else whether its information or money.

So how is Steemit going to change the world? Well, the governments  /  elites  won't be able censor any information that discredits their stupidity, like the American  led wars in the middle east causing the migration that's destabilizing  Europe and possibly in the future North America too. Propaganda is a powerful instrument of war, people follow the stupidly of socialism, communism, Marxism, monarchy, aristocracy like a bunch of lemmings jumping off of the cliff to their demise. This scenario is taking place in Venezuela right now, so use it as a case study about why information is so powerful. 

The people in Venezuela still look up to their leader, Nicolas Maduro as if he's going to give them eternal wealth, all the while they're starving to death and he's raking in the money and living in luxury.

The blockchain is here to stay and so is the internet. The internet does have a kill switch but it never is down that long and I don't think it would be down long either if some dictator decided to kill it, it hasn't in the past. The blockchain is here to stay for the simple reason that governments know they can't do anything about it. Example - Bitcoin is still here and growing, it's going to get bigger, why government can't do anything about it and I wouldn't be surprised if the central banks themselves crash all the currencies in the world and replace them with digital SDR's (Special Drawing Rights). I heard not too long ago that it was the CIA that came up with bitcoin, how true is it, I don't know, but nothing surprises me anymore.

So whether it's Steemit or some other brand that ends up with success, the blockchain gives our future hope and once hope is gone, there's nothing left.

The chart below is of bitcoin, looks bullish to me... at this point in time. So behold the blockchain. it's in it's infantsy and it's only going to get bigger. 

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