Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Russell 2000 TNA Swing Trading Financial Markets

Russell 2000 TNA Swing Trading Financial Markets

I didn't do any trading today. Yesterday was scheduled for a peak, however, there could be a break out  to find a peak on the 3rd week of January. If this happens then that would set us up for the financial markets  to go down until September. The channel you see in the chart is the so called line in the sand. When the financial markets break down it could be like 2008, but  I think the charts for the next couple of years are going to look like the junk bond market in the late 80's to the late 90's. There is the real possibility that we are going to see a flat market till the spring of 2016. When I say flat, I am talking about wild swings to the lows of 2008 and then back to where we are now and then down again breaking the support that we saw in 2008. A financial forecast going out to 2016 is pretty far off but I keep looking at the junk bond market charts of the 90's, will it happen that way? I don't know. The financial markets are definitely on the verge. One thing to remember about selling short in the financial markets coming up, that is, when things fall apart, just think of MF Global. You might be on the right side of the market and still lose everything. Be careful who you do business with. Perhaps I will make a trade tomorrow, will have to see how things go.

 The best of trading to you

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