Saturday, 13 August 2016

Australian schools ( Indoctrination camps) Ban Clapping - Politically Correct Crap - Really

I couldn't believe it... when I read about Australian schools banning clapping, hugging... SINGING CHRISTMAS CAROLS.... "WELL" What the hell is this world coming too.  

About 20 years ago I was talking to a woman  who was coaching little league 8 yr. old girls baseball. We were talking about coaching, the girls and stuff when she brought the fact that no one wins. I said what.... no one wins. She said yah no one wins... the games are always tie. I told her that makes sense, there has to be a winner and a loser, that's the way it works, that's mother nature... it's just a natural law. She said I know, but that's what the majority of the parents wanted at the meeting and it's some sort of rule that was made up.   

Let me say that this whole politically correct crap is ridiculous, Clint Eastwood is correct when  he says that 'We're really in a pussy generation'. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dictator style human being but you have to be able to:
  • Call a spade a spade,
  • Stand up for your rights,
  • Let the free market rein,
  • Have open and fair COMPETITION
Looking back on this whole thing, I consider myself lucky. I wouldn't be able to let my child go to school in this day and age, it would definitely be home schooling. The schools around the world (maybe not the whole world) are crap, I don't were the stupidly is coming from, but their crap. It's not the teachers themselves, the teachers take it on the chin with a Mike Tyson style punch from both sides, the parents and above and goes higher than that......... the  problem is systemic.   

Competition builds character, better products,  better standards of living

Collectivism  builds laziness, useless products, lower standards of living.

If everything you do is a tie game with someone else, there's no incentive, why would you do anything at all if everything  just lands in your lap.
Venezuela is a great example of this. When everybody else's money runs out and the freebies stop, nobody knows what the heck to do because they've been brainwashed into thinking that leaders will just make things happen, so the people just  stand by thinking that something is going to happen.

The Western World  is in the same position with the entitlement stuff. I don't have firsthand knowledge of this but apparently there are generations of people in the USA that have magically received checks in the mail FOR GENERATIONS.

So how does this end...... well... Possibly like Venezuela.

1.   The money's running out or has ran out in the western world
2.   there's more rules/laws (that the elites are exempt from) Hitlery Clinton?
3.   The majority of the people expect things to happen from government.... government is inefficient and useless.

I'm on a rant here now so going to end with the fact...... competition is healthy!

The best cat on the farm is a hungry cat because they'll keep the farm yard free of mice. If you feed the cat all the time on the farm the cat gets FAT and LAZY and the mice run rampant.... Why would the cat bother...the meal just magically appears.

In the end the farmer dies and the cat starves to death.

But there's HOPE..... There's an awakening and I think a social media site based on the blockchain  - Steemit - is part of the path to getting rid of the unproductive mentality and leading to the  path of abundance

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