Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Golden Ratio And Why Jeff Berwick Killed It On Steemit

I'm new to Steemit and had noticed a flurry of activity and a recent growth spurt also...some of the older users on Steemit putting a bunch of time into an article and making nothing, however,  in the mean time,  a newbie signs up and within 24 hrs. make $15,000.00.

So why is this? well..... It's the golden ratio, plain and simple.

It's the golden ratio or Golden Mean also known as a Fibonacci sequence. 1.618 (or .618). Nature uses the Golden Ratio in its most intimate building blocks and in its most advanced patterns.
Look at the picture below, I got this from Note how the majority of the people, including myself are in the newbie section.. 67.14%. I know it's not exactly 61.8% but that doesn't matter it's close enough. I also know that there's allot of schmucks on this site but that's natural too. This site has a way weeding that out, also natural.

 I'm in the majority simply because:
  • I didn't have a following prior to joining the Steemit social media platform
  • I didn't spend the time acquiring a list of people interested in what I do.
  • I didn't spend any time writing, the 10,000 hr. rule applies

I use the golden ratio all the time to analyse, come up with predictions and not to mention  it's a great tool for trading.

I could ramble on...... but this is my view and sticking to it.

Check out the new social media of the future..........

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