Friday, 30 September 2016

Silver Versus the Stock Market Support And Resistance - A Surprising Look

Is this time different? I don't know but out of the market Options give me options without risk, more like a lottery ticket than anything. I'm not going to produce the big data here, you can go to and compare - see for yourself. Silver goes up when the market goes up, Silver goes down when the market goes down.
Is this time different? God I don't know, when I here that I get nervous because it's never different, it's always the same old shit.

The world has always been ending. Is this time different?

There's talk about the stock market collapsing and precious metals going to new highs this year. Is that going to happen? I don't know........ if it does happen I'll make some good money. I'm hedged both ways, with Options.

Stocks go down, I break even.... good chance Silver goes down too.
Silver makes new highs this year..... I make big money, the stock market goes up too.
If the stock market drops and Silver pops - I win all the way around, I'ts just that the rate of descent and ascent could be different for both instruments.... meaning pecious metals drops too but not at the same rate. When the rise happens both instrument rise too but perhaps Silver rises faster.... or not.
If the economic world ends.... I'll be inline with you at the soup kitchen.

Every market instrument has it's own rhythm, the charts below are contracts for difference (CFDs) at  Oanda..... Silver and the S&P 500. At this time we're on the edge as you can see. The stock market is negative - Silver is positive...... However...... this can change.

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