Saturday, 1 October 2016

Andrew's Pitchfork, Using It To Forecast The Stock market

Using Andrew's Pitchfork is easy when forecasting the stock market.....get the last 3 pivot points correct, set the trend, stay within the boundaries and wait.... "Sit tight and be right". I find a good tool to use, however, I use many.

I'm not going to go into big. Anybody can look at the charts below and see that we're at a key moment in time..... DOWN or UP.

Andrew's Pitchfork fork using the pivot points from the lows of 2003, the highs in 2007 and the low of 2009 give us a beautiful support / resistance zone seen in the weekly chart below....... zoomed in.

Note how the blue support line interacts with the Andrew's Pitchfork down.

If the S&P 500 does break out of that red box

If the S&P 500 breaks out of the red box from the zoomed in chart above. 

The chart below could be the end result

 The VIX is indicating a pivot point to the upside (meaning stock market down)

The charts below, are market breadth charts. The difference between the number of issues reaching new highs and the number of issues reaching new lows during a 4 week period.

End result.......... see what next week does. The 2 bottom charts are mixed.... positive in the short term and negative in the longer term........ but can change in heart beat. just based on the technical data, I'm leaning to the negative but I'm not dogmatic on that decision. 

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